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Welcome to Honey Bee Hive, the website of a Wiltshire beekeeper. The site contains lots of information about Honey Bees and related topics including beekeeping equipment and techniques, with my personal experiences where applicable. Much of the information is in my Beekeeping Blog along with with updates about what's happening in my own apiaries, so if you can't find something from the main menu above it's worth having a quick look in there.

Honey Bee Hive is also home to the UK Local Honey Suppliers Directory, with contact details for beekeepers from around the UK who have local honey and other hive products for sale. Lastly, if you have seen a swarm of bees, I provide a free Honey Bee swarm removal service around the Marlborough, Pewsey, Calne and Devizes region of Wiltshire, click here for more information.

Polystyrene Bee Hives

Poly Hives in UK Beekeeping

Whilst using polystyrene bee hives is not as new as you may think, they have certainly become more popular in recent years, particularly now Paynes have introduced their own new model to the market. This means there are now 3 main suppliers of different national poly hives for sale in the UK, Paynes, Modern Beekeeping and Beehive Supplies, some already do 14×12 too.

Poly hives have probably been around for over 20 years now, however they have typically been used further north in Scandinavia and Canada, their colder climate had forced them to try out new techniques to help them overwinter their honeybees.

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UK Local Honey Suppliers

Where to Buy Local Honey

If you have been wondering where to buy local honey, the directory of local honey suppliers is the answer. Just navigate by county to find a local producer, or you can use the search field below. The listings include contact details for each beekeeper as prices will queen bee eating honeyvary from supplier to supplier. Please consider that many small scale beekeepers (which accounts for the vast majority of us) will have limited amounts of honey available and supplies can run out quickly. For guidance on adding your details click here.

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Bee Suits

Beekeeping Suits

There is a fair bit of choice out there with respect to which bee suit you buy. If you don’t read this whole article, the single thing to bear in mind is that the cheap bee suits don’t stop stings, actually none stop them 100%, but some of the cheap ones don’t stop many at all. I know this from personal experience and seeing as the sole purpose of a beekeeper wearing one is to stop stings, they are basically useless. The first one I bought was a smock from ebay, I confidently wore it a couple of times and then one day at the club apiary, a particularly angry hive decided to have a go and stung me straight through it.

The Options

While there are plenty of suppliers out there (which I will come to shortly)

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