How To Get Rid Of Bees

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Need help to get rid of bees?

I offer a free swarm collection service in Wiltshire, so if you are wondering how to get rid of bees quickly, give me a call on 07967 213364, I would be happy to come and remove them for you. Most pest control companies will not attempt to remove honeybees plus you will almost certainly be charged a callout charge if they turn up and find they are honeybees. On the other hand, I am not able to remove wasps nests, in which case you will need a pest control company.


First you need to identify exactly what you want removed. It’s usually quite easy to tell:

    • honeybee


      Honeybees – if they are honeybees, they will have most likely swarmed from a local hive or a ferral colony somewhere near by and be settled in a cluster, often up in a tree or bush, but it can be pretty much anywhere. There will be frequent bees coming and going from the cluster (if there are thousands in the air at the same time, they are either just arriving or leaving). They look like a small, stubby dark wasp.

    • Wasps & Hornets– are much larger than honeybees, wasps are bright


      yellow, however if what you see is even bigger than a wasp and darker in colour you probably have Hornets. In both cases you will need to call a local pest control company if they need to be removed.

    • Solitary Bees – vary in shape and colour enormously, they go completely unnoticed most of the time as they live individually, however the occasional lawn can be seen as a good nesting place for them, in which case you could end up with quite a few (probably tens not hundreds, unless you have a particularly large lawn!). These bees if even capable, will almost never sting, so if at all possible just leave them there, they will usually be gone again in a month or two anyway.
    • bumblebee


      Bumble Bees – are the big round furry ones which you will have seen in your garden, parks and the local countryside, there are a few species but they all live in fairly small nests below ground level, so if you find a nest of bees in the ground with several coming and going from the same hole, they are Bumble Bees.


How to get rid of a bees nest

If they are a swarm of honeybees in Wiltshire (in the Swindon, Marlborough, Pewsey, Calne or Devizes areas) give me a call on 07967 213364 as soon as possible, the last thing you want is for them to take up permanent residence in your cavity wall, it can be a very expensive job to remove them if they do. With wasps and hornets, if possible leave them alone, wasps and hornets are carnivorous and catch loads of caterpillars to feed their young, so (despite most people disliking them) they do serve a valuable purpose. Of course, if they are causing a nuisance or are living in close proximity to an area where children play you will need to call in a pest controller. Or if you have Bumble Bees, just leave them where they are, they serve as good pollinators in the garden and will usually completely leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.

If you were wondering how to get rid of bees, I hope this has helped you to identify exactly what the problem is and how to go about addressing it. If they are honeybees and you are outside of the area I cover, there are plenty of other beekeepers all over the UK who offer a similar service, just do a search for swarm collectors followed by your town name and you will probably find someone quite easily.

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