How to Apply Apiguard

Posted on Sep 17, 2012 in Blog, Disease | 2 comments

varroa miteVita Europe have released some new videos on how to use some of their products, they include Apistan, Apiguard, their EFB and AFB testing kits, B401, Vita Feed Gold/Green and Swarm Lures. You can see them all on their website here. I’ve included a couple below:

Before anyone mentions it in the comments, you really should have started any Thymol based treatments by now, or even finished them already, but I just found these videos so thought I’d add them up on here. After all I can imagine the Varroa problem isn’t going away any time in the near future, so this will probably be just as relevant next autumn.

How to Use Apiguard Varroa Treatment

This one shows how to use the foil trays, the tub and the small packs for treating Varroa.

How to Test for AFB and EFB

Short and sweet, but then it is very simple as was demonstrated at the bee disease day run by DEFRA which I attended earlier in the year.

I must admit though, my favourite bit is the 1950’s BBC presenter style voice over!


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  1. May I suggest a more useful video would be on the application of Oxalic acid, there is much confusion over it’s use, particularly because many suppliers are providing in it strengths almost twice that which should be used, thus causing considerable confusion.

    • Hi J,

      Good idea, I’ll try to add something before Christmas if I can.