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As you’ve probably seen from the existing listings, the honey directory is becoming pretty popular and a lot of people have told me that adding themself has lead to a lot of honey sales. In a few examples people have been found and contacted by local farm shops or other retail outlets leading to pretty significcant sales.  The Honey Directory ranks at the top of Google for a lot of county and town related terms and we get an average of about 10,000 visitors a month, plus many people have said that their listing appears very high too, in some cases at the top of the search results. However a lot of people don’t enter their details properly, this either leads to me having to update them myself or, sometimes I’ll just reject the listing completely, plus if you enter information fully, you are very likely to rank well and therefore make more sales, so here are a few guidelines to make your listing as effective as possible:

The Region

This is one area which will make a huge difference to if you are accepted or not. The directory is predominantly categorised by County, so if you leave this as “England” and I don’t see something in the text which helps me to know where you aree, it’ll be rejected.  This is a hobby site, so I don’t want to spend ages finding information that I’d asked for anyway. Plus if you think you’ll somehow appear better by doing that you’re wrong, if I did approve it like that, you wouldn’t appear in your county, just in England where everyone appears anyway (unless you’re in Wales or Scotland of course. So please tag the correct County.


Local Area

This should be your local town or village, and is there so that when people use the search function they can find a very local producer if there is one listed.

About the Beekeeper & About the Honey

These are the most imprtant areas if you want your listing to show up in search listings when people search Google for say “honey in berkshire” or “local honey in manchester” etc. The fields appear to be small, but if you drag the bottom right corner they will expand to give you lots of space to write in. The people who put a lot of information in these fields do much better than those who put just a few words. In shortt, the more you add here the more honey you’ll sell, so it’s worrth spending a few minutes adding something meaningful. This is mainly because the search engines will rank a page higher if it has plenty of content, plus it gives the reader a bit more information about you, your bees and the honey you produce.

These are the main areas, other than letting people know about the types of honey or other hive products you produce (which everyone seems to complete anyway forr some unknown reason!)

I hope this is of help! So now jump back to the UK Honey Directory and let people start finding you!


If you have any questions please leave a comment…..

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  1. I’m running low on honey and don’t want any more customers! How do I cancel my listing?

    • Hi Stephen, I’ve deleted it for you