Beekeeping Books

This section will be growing slowly, as I tend to dip in and out of most books and need to read enough of them before I recommend them to anyone, I’ll start off with the first few beekeeping books which I have read cover to cover, and perhaps by the time I’ve done that, I’ll have finished, or at least read a large percentage of some of the others, so this beekeeping books list can continue to grow:

Bees at the Bottom of the Garden

I’ve put this one first as it’s very much a beginners book, I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about taking up beekeeping as a hobby, but needs to know a bit about it before they start. It covers all the key subjects but in no level of technical detail. A great first beekeeping book.Click here for Bees at the Bottom of the Garden pricing



A Practical Manual of Beekeeping – David Cramp

Of all the books I have bought about beekeeping, this is my favourite, and is the one which I always refer back to first if I have any problems, it has great sections on all aspects of beekeeping and I would highly recommend this book to anyone just starting out. It’s straight forward, easy to understand, yet at the same time goes into a reasonable level of detail. Click here for pricing of A Practical Manual of Beekeeping: How to Keep Bees and Develop Your Full Potential as an Apiarist

Guide to Bees and Honey – Ted Hooper

This is a great book and is apparently the worlds best selling book about beekeeping, it’s quite detailed and this can make it a bit daunting at first, but once you get used to this, it’s an invaluable book to have. It’s quite an old book which has been revised, but this does make it less fun to read than the others.Click here for Ted Hoopers Guide to Bees & Honey prices

Honeybee Democracy – Tom Seeley

I’ve been ploughing through Tom Seeley’s Honeybee Democracy recently to gain an understanding of how honeybee swarms decide on their new home before the swarming season starts, a very good book for anyone who wants to learn how to catch a swarm of bees. Alternatively the video below gives a pretty good overview if you are not the reading type.Click here for Honeybee Democracy prices

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