What you need to keep honeybees

There is a huge amount of equipment needed for keeping honeybees fit and healthy, then you need to consider how you will extract and store the honey they produce, so these pages are all about various bits of beekeeping equipment which I have bought and like or possibly have even stopped using.

It started off with me thinking I just needed a hive, some bees, a bee suit and smoker, but that was really just scratching the surface.

I’m going to start off with some of the more standard things like my cedar hives and poly hives, then move on to some of the treatments and other bits of kit, then eventually (probably not until later in the yer) get on to honey extracting and processing equipment.

As with everything on this site, I have no vested interest in any particular brands or suppliers (although if you want to send me something for free, I’m sure I can find something good to say about it!), so these are all based on my own experiences with various beekeeping equipment.

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