Assemble A Frame

How to make a frame for a beehive

Love it or hate it, we all have to assemble frames to put in the hives, personally I find it quite frame assembly toolsrelaxing, I put some music on and set everything up on the dining room table during the winter months and get them ready for the coming year.

All you need is a hammer, frame nails, a Stanley knife and a cuppa. I also have a large sheet of hardboard which sits on the table to save me getting into trouble later! This is how to make them:top bar

1. Take the top bar and place it on the table upside down, i.e. the oposite way to the way it will be when hanging in the hive. Then push the sidebars down onto it, making sure that the grooves are facing the inside of the frame, as the wax will slide down in them later. Once they are on I give them a tap with the hammer thammer it tighto make sure they are right down tight.

2. Next stand it up on the table and trim away any bits of wood sticking out where the bottom bars need to go, then take the bottom bars, on Hoffmantrim the wood frames they will be smaller than you can see in the pictures as these pictures were taken when assembling a Manley frame, and slit them into the recess and give them a little tap with the hammer to make sure they are pushed right in.

3. Lay the frame on it’s side and make sure it’s square, some people are

nail the sidebars

Nailing the side bars

very particular about this and use a square to check, I just do it by eye, but remember the further out it is, the more likely the bees are to propolise or wax it to the sides of the hive.

Nail the bottom bars in

Nail the bottom bars in

4. Nail through the side bars into the top bar, with Hoffman frames I find

it easiest to nail at a bit of an angle, so the head of the nail ends up flush.

5. Stand it up with the top bar on the table again and nail the bottom bars in too.

Ta Daa….

a completed hive frame

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