Thanks to ECO SEO

Thanks Steve!

I’d like to thank Steve at ECO SEO for all his help building this website. When I started keeping bees about 8 years ago, it didn’t take long before I decided that I wanted a blog to start to keep a bit of a diary and post a few pictures of my hives up. I had a chat with a few people about it and how to get started (because I had no idea whatsoever), it turned out that a fellow beekeeper is a web designer. After a little sweet talking and a few pints he agreed to help me set up a WordPress blog.

After adding a few posts to it, I noticed there was an “add page” option, so I thought, OK let’s give it a try, I wrote a new page, which if I remember right, was the one about beekeeping suits, pressed publish, and hey presto, absolutely nothing happened! So, back I went to Steve, “why isn’t my page showing up”. Anyway to cut a long story short, he said I’m now talking about a website, rather than a blog (who knew there was a difference!). But the good news was that the WordPress system he’d built it in, could convert to a website quite easily. We set up a basic homepage and a menu with a contact form, added my new page about the bee suits to the menu and we were off!

My next problem was that it didn’t really look like a beekeeping website. My page content was all about bees (I’d added a few more by now), but it didn’t look very bee related. Steve to the rescue again, he installed a template for me and customised it with the honeycomb background you can still see today and we had the logo designed. It was now a proper beekeeping site!

About a year after this we were at the local beekeepers association meeting and chatting about how to promote and sell local honey. It was at this point we decided to add a directory of local honey suppliers to my website. It was actually quite easy to do (apparently) and that’s how I ended up running the UK honey suppliers directory.

Around this time, beekeeping was becoming quite popular and the number of site visitors was gradually creeping up. We had another chat about it and he said “well, seo is what I do most of the time”. He installed more software and taught me how to use it, to make sure the title tags weren’t duplicated and to make sure the right words were used. People had also started to link to me (for this I am grateful, so if you’re one of those people I’d like to thank you). This helps Google to understand that my site is popular and gets more people here.  Since then the sites gone from strength to strength and looking at the counter in the footer you can see I’ve had over 400,000 visitors now, which is amazing! I’m hoping to hit half a million by the end of 2017 🙂

So anyway, this is just to thank Steve for all the help. It also goes to show that a bit of hard work and some fantastic help and advice can enable even someone like me to have a website that people actually want to visit. So if you need help with a new website, please pop over to and see if they can help you as much as they did me.

EDIT: He’s asked me to mention that he has told me that the site doesn’t show up properly on mobile phones and tablets at the moment. He said he will help me to fix that too. But due to both our work commitments it’s not going to happen for a feww months, but it is in the pipeline 🙂



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