Beekeeping Suppliers

A List of Beekeeping Suppliers and Other Useful Websites

I was just about to sort out my bookmarks, so I have a record of suppliers who I have bought kit from already and other reference sites, just so I know where to go for a good price when I need something quickly.  Then it occurred to me that I may as well add it here, just in case it’s of use to anyone else. Obviously prices will fluctuate and certain products may only be available from one supplier anyway, but it might just save others some time, so here it is:

Beekeeping Suppliers

Bee Proof SuitsBee Suits and other equipment – Enter the discount code HONEY20 at the checkout for 20% off their entire product range

PaynesPoly hives, nucs and sale framesmating nucs

Maisemore – Foundation and sale items like frames, although their sale supers can be a bit knotty

Buzzy Bee Shop – Cheap mating nucs

Cornbrook Bee Farm, Ludlow – virgin queens at £5 plus first class postage 01584 890236

 Other Beekeeping Websites

Dave Cushman  – Not a very pretty site, but lots of info about techniques and equipment

Bee Base – A government run site where you register colonies of bees

The National Honey Show – For once you are ready to get competitive about your honey

Bee Craft Journal For Beekeepers – Beekeeping information, shop and UK courses in all aspects of beekeeping.

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The Bee Photographer – Just great bee pictures

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