UK Local Honey Suppliers

Where to Buy Local Honey

If you have been wondering where to buy local honey, the directory of local honey suppliers is the answer. Just navigate by county to find a local producer, or you can use the search field below. The listings include contact details for each beekeeper as prices will queen bee eating honeyvary from supplier to supplier. Please consider that many small scale beekeepers (which accounts for the vast majority of us) will have limited amounts of honey available and supplies can run out quickly. For guidance on adding your details click here.

The UK Local Honey Directory

If you are a UK beekeeper producing honey and other hive products, please feel free to add your details. Please note: These listings are only for people and companies who produce and sell their own local honey, any other submissions will be deleted. If in doubt about anything please contact me.

If I’ve inadvertently missed any regions out, please let me know through the contact form, I will add it and then let you know that it’s been updated.

local honey

The people and companies listed in the UK Honey Directory all sell their produce direct or through their own market stalls, local farm shops, village shops etc, I have no control over the pricing and you will likely find that prices vary from area to area.

On a final note, please don’t email me regarding suppliers, contact the suppliers directly through the contact form or phone numbers provided.

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