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Where to Buy Local Honey

If you have been wondering where to buy local honey, the directory of local honey suppliers is the answer. Just navigate by county to find a local producer, or you can use the search field below. The listings include contact details for each beekeeper as prices will queen bee eating honeyvary from supplier to supplier. Please consider that many small scale beekeepers (which accounts for the vast majority of us) will have limited amounts of honey available and supplies can run out quickly.

3 Mile Bees
Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Natural Local Honey sold as comb, runny and chunk.
Abbey Orchard Honey
producing honey from over 10 hives in various locations over Widnes. I have few customers that swear that eating my honey has almost completely cured their hayfever!! Give it a try, you have nothing to loose. If it doesn\'t cure your hayfever, you can be sure that you will however, have enjoyed every spoonful of my delicious honey. All credit due to my bees!!
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant
Runny honey with floral taste and have been told that has a syrupy taste as well. Take a long time to granulate so very little or no rape seed pollen.
Andrew James-Deakin
The girls forage locally in the Gwendraeth Valley. The honey is not heated and strained once before bottling so may contain pollen. Frames of comb sold when available.
Andy Wilde
Blaby Sapcote
I sell my own high quality soft set and runny honey
Ann Cushion
My apiaries are in garden, woodland and farm locations so my bees work a variety of forage. I normally take a wide range of honeys to each market, (many of my honeys are bottled from single hives, to give a variety of flavours).
I sell Runny & Set Honey in 340g (12oz), 227g (8oz) and 50g minipots. I also sell squeezy jars of Runny (340g). I sell cut comb when available, but in years such as 2012, I refuze to make the bees work harder than necessary and therefore have very little cut comb at present!
I make Honey Marmalade, Honey Mustard and Honey & Lemon and sell beeswax sticks for a variety of uses.
Anton C
Maidenhead / Taplow
Surplus honey is taken from the hives as bees store it, and it is not mixed with previously extracted honey so each batch might be different in appearance, flavour and strength.
ballards bees
halesowen west midlands
local honey from a very light delicate honey to dark stronger flavors depending on the time of year
Beaulieu Agate Honey
Beaulieu Agate Honey
Beaulieu, The New Forest
I keep bees as a hobby and therefore I do not have a huge supply of honey but what I do have is the most beautiful golden nectar taken straight from the hive into the jar, therefore very pure and perfectly delicious.
Bee & Hive Company
Bee & Hive Company
Honey from 45 hives in and around the Cotswolds
Bee Happy Products
Bee Happy Products
Shepperton, Chertsey, Staines, Lyne, Knaphill, West End, Cobham
Local forage from around the various areas within Surrey & Middlesex
bee the nature apiary
bee the nature apiary
Plymouth area
Our honey is just filtered, free from any heat treatment.
Berrow Honey
The honey is gathered from both the Severn and Teme valleys (we are situated on the watershed). The honey is gathered from a variety of wild and cultivated sources locally and we take the bees to the heather in the autumn.
Blue Bell Hill Apiaries
Blue Bell Hill Apiaries
We produce a wide range of honey Products – Clear Honey 57, 227g and 340g, Our unique creamed Honey 227g and 340g, Speciality Honey’s – Cinnamon (Christmas in a jar) and Ginger (for those who like it spicy) 227g , Cut Comb Honey (Straight from the hive and buzzing with goodness – 114g and 227g, Cut Comb in Honey(dripping with Goodness) 340g, and our latest - Squeezy Honey (21st Century dispensing !!)340g. All of these contain the finest Kent Honey.
Walford Heath
Set honey and golden honey. In 1lb ,12oz ,8oz and squeezy bear .
Brackendale Honey
Local forage around Camberley, Surrey.
BS Honey Bees
BS Honey Bees
Honey sourced from local flora in areas of Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury & Forest of Dean district. Available for purchase in bulk (buckets).
Busby Bees
Mixed sources : orchards, some oil seed rape and farmland
Buzzin-Bees Apiary
Honey Production will start spring 2013
Camlad Apiaries
Camlad Apiaries
Our honeys are unheated and contain all the natural goodness of the forage plants, be it Spring flowers and crops, summer flowers including blackberry and clover, and heather. All our honey can be traced to an individual apiary, hives and queens. Great honey from local bees - we rear all our own queens and sell through a select few shops and at food fairs. Honey with a buzz.
Caroline Wheeler
I'm lucky to harvest a variety of honeys, Runny and Set both light and dark with a range of flavour notes from mild to stronger, other products are Cut Comb, Chunk Honey and a selection of flavoured honeys. My products can be found at Lathcoats Farm shop Galleywood, Abigails Deli Ingatestone and Great Garnetts Farmers Market. All products are available to collect from Home.
CBs Bees
With a choice of oilseed rape in early Spring to a variety of agricultural crops, hedgerow, gardens and woods for the Summer blossom, our honeys offer far more complexity and depth of flavour than supermarket honey.
Chris McGlen
Upton, Near Retford
Smooth spreadable honey with a creamy texture.
This is an entirely natural raw product produced from the flowers in hedges, fields, meadows and gardens.
Cornish Meadow Honey
Cornish Meadow Honey
Local forage in Tamar Valley
Cut Comb
Cut Comb
My honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered. That means the honey is only strained to remove any bits of honey comb wax, so it still contains the original pollen. I do not heat the honey like commercial honey producers may do to break down the sugar crystals.
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott
Oilseed rape provides the main crop but we also have wildflower honey and apple blossom honey. All of our honey is unpasteurised and is not micro-filtered so it still contains pollen which may help to desensitise hayfever sufferers to local pollen.
Dave Watson
Lostock Hall Preston
Mixed floral, straight from the hive.
david goodwin
from the gardens of Norwich,not too sweet but very tasty
Bridgwater, Somerset
Hives Produce approx 60lb honey each.
Dhonn Atkinson
Wakefield District
All our honey is produced within the boundaries of Wakefield Making it Very local we copurse filter to maintain a high natural pollen content.
Dr Tobias F Capell
Dr Tobias F Capell
I have several hives in my garden, so the honey is mainly garden flower honey. It is delicate, beautifully light and floral.
Dunsmore Apiary
Supply runny and soft set honey from our salaries located in the countryside around Stretton on Dunsmore.
Earthy Roots
Earthy Roots
The land the apiary is sited in is used as part of a small hold and currently has sheep grazing on it. It has an abundance of wild flowers due to the neighbours previously using their field for the production of cut flowers for sale. There is also a huge diversity in types of blackberries, sloes as well as wild roses that grow along the hedgerows of the surrounding fields. Due to the use of the land for sheep thistles are allowed to grow and flower, various different types of nettle as well as buttercups and daisies. The land surrounding the apiary is used to grow a large range of crops including oil seed rape. We also plant winter flowering plants for a nectar flow throughout the year.
East Surrey Bees
Hives over a wide area in East Surrey, including some on Lavender and Heather.
Ed Thomas
Ed Thomas
Local Bedfordshire Honey & Beeswax products e.g beeswax furniture polish & beeswax blocks usually available throughout the year at competitive prices
Eden Queen
Eden Queen
Pure English Honey. Produced in Leicestershire. Certified as pure from the Leicestershire County Council (trading standards service)
I have honey for sale
Local Honey, from Lime flower, Acacia, Honey Comb
The Honey is Pure and Natural
Eric Brierley
most of my honey is runny,but as natural honey it will start to set after time,just warm it though and it will run clear again.
Borage, Oil Seed Rape, Wildflower,Clover, Cold filtered honey not heat treated
Fawkham Bee Company
Fawkham Bee Company
Our honey is as natural as it can be, it is extracted from the comb filtered and jarred. I am very particular about the siting of my hives I like them to be on farm land adjacent to villages or towns to allow a large continuing diversity of forage for the bees to ensure their health and quality honey.
Field View Honey
The bees have gardens and hedgerows to forage,so flavours do vary! Runny or set honey
Field View Honey
Local honey from my bees which forage from the local countryside and gardens.
Filberts Bees
Filberts Bees
The honey is extracted at low temperatures (under 49°C) in order to conserve taste and healthful characteristics.
Fulwell Bees
Fulwell Bees

Our bees have the following areas within their normal range for gathering pollen and nectar; Bushey Park, Hampton Court Palace, Ham House, Kew Gardens, Crane Park, as well as a large garden centre over the road, lots more local parks and, of course, gardens like yours.
When we extract we keep each hive’s honey separate, and if we are lucky enough to extract a couple of times in a season, we also keep this separate – doing this means we often have very distinctive looking and tasting honey, something for all tastes!
We can make some soft set/creamed honey if you'd prefer, but we need a couple of week's notice to do this.
We have also started to produce some other related products, such as pure beeswax polish and rolled beeswax candles.  We are always open to suggestions for other products you might be interested in, so drop us a line.
Gareth Taylor
Rugby & Coventry
Local honey of varying tastes and colours depending on the time of year and the forage that produced it. Availability varies depending on season. The bees forage on various trees and flowers of local gardens and countryside. Apiaries located within Rugby, Frankton and South Coventry areas.
George Richardson, Richardsons Garden Centre
Cold Hesledon, Seaham , Co Durham
Our own honey is both local wild flower and we also have local heather honey as our bees get holidays to the Northumberland Moors and the Durham Dales Moors.
gill hutson
gill hutson
As with most mixed floral honey it starts of runny but can become set with time. Easy returns to runny type when warmed and strirred
Glenside Honey Farm
Glenside Honey Farm
As I have multiple sites, the honey taste can vary from jar to jar. I have a wild garden honey from dozens of different flowers in the garden. Also produce apple blossom honey from orchards at a local Abby.
Goodwood Honey
Goodwood Honey
A wild Pembrokeshire honey, harvested in the National Park, on the banks of the Western Cleddau.Our local honey is the result of foraging pollen and nectar flow from wild flowers and tree blossoms, including Bluebells, Hawthorn, Bramble, Clover, Lime, fruit trees and numerous wild meadow flowers.
Gosforth Garden Honey
Gosforth Garden Honey
Bees forage on a variety of plants from local gardens and trees from Gosforth park.
Hampton Honey
Hampton Honey
Hampton, Middlesex, West London
I produce Hampton Garden Honey from bee colonies in my garden and Hampton Wildflower Honey from colonies kept on a local nature reserve.
Harry Boxall
The earlier summer crop is usually taken from oilseed rape and pea. The later summer crop is garden flowers.
Hartsholme Honey
Hartsholme Honey
Urban Bees ~ Producing wonderful honey from the city of Lincoln.
Available in 454g (1LB) jars and bulk containers by prior arrangement.
HASI Bee Products
My Aparies are located in Newborough, Gedney Hill, Dogsthorpe and Orton Waterville. so depending on which honey you choose will depend on the taste.
Hatton Road Honey
Hatton Road Honey
Allotment honey surrounded by Lime trees
Haughton Honey
Our bees collect our honey from the meadows, trees and farmland across the Cheshire countryside. With traces of dandelion, chestnut, lime, blackberry, clover and other wildflowers our honey is cold extracted and filtered to protect the natural enzymes and proteins that make English honey so special.
Heather Priestley
My honey has a wonderful flavour which has been produced by "the girls" foraging on apple blossom, lime trees, blackberry and clover to name but a few...simply delicious!
Hertfordshire Honey Bee Suppliers UK
Hertfordshire Honey Bee Suppliers UK
Our natural honey is produced as organically as possible and we also offer cutcomb when it is available.
Heswall Honey
Heswall Honey
Wild flower honey from the river Dee
Hillbrook Apiaries, Michael Couzens
We have hives located throughout Cheshire and Staffordshire counties. Heather honey from the The Roaches, near Leek. Wildflower honey from the hives in Coombs Valley, Staffordshire and the River Dane in Cheshire. Our hives located in the centre of Leek, give a unique flavour from the parklands and gardens of the Staffordshire Moorlands. Each of our different locations, gives our honey a distinct and delicious variety of flavours.
Hire a Hive
St Helens
Raw untreated, local honey.
Eastwood, Notinghamshire
Honey made from a variety of wild and garden flowers. It is raw honey with the minimal amount of processing
Honey Gables
Honey Gables
Our hives are situated in a clearing a wooded area but near fields etc
House on the Hill
House on the Hill
Rolling farmland provide Rape seed honey as a spring crop with a clear aromatic main crop in the middle of the summer. The foraging area is mainly pasture with abundant wildflower, bramble and clover to name a few.
House on the Hill
House on the Hill
Rolling farmland provide Rape seed honey as a spring crop with clear aromatic main crop in the middle of the summer. The foraging area is mainly pasture with abundant wildflower, bramble and clover to name a few.
Hunny Bears Bee Products
Hunny Bears Bee Products
Blandford Forum
The honey taste is different from each hive, we will send you the honey from the hive that is the closest to your home.
I stirling
I stirling
Floral honey
Ian – South Gosforth Honey
Ian – South Gosforth Honey
Honey usually mixed flower and sold in 230g hexagonal jars.
Ilan Bernet
Ilan Bernet
Complex, deep floral and spicy honey foraged in and around local allotments.
J Maguire
J Maguire
Monmouthshire Honey
Pure, natural, raw honey with no additives straight from the hive!
Jacobite Apiaries
Jacobite Apiaries
Cockenzie & Port Seton
First Batch Blossom Honey
Jan Mccormack
Honey is produced by the Bees foraging in local flower gardens. Has a distinct floral flavour. Only one filter so that it retains all the valuable health properties.
Jane Sik
Mixed blossom honey from woods and mixed countryside
Jolie Bee Apiaries
Mixed wildflower honey from local sources around Cambridge countryside and within the city
Jonathan Hall
Foraged from a number of locations around Woking, Guildford and Addlestone.
Joss & Al Jones
Joss & Al Jones
Our bees forage the gardens and fields between Maidenhead and Cookham. The forage and therefore the honey changes seasonally from the delicately flavoured, quick to set Rape flower nectar gathered in spring through to a much darker, stronger flavoured honey in August. The honey is raw unpasturised and double filtered.
Multi foral honey from the wide variety of plants and trees in this area
Julian King
Julian King
Staines upon Thames
Mixed local forage, with strong lime tree or blackberry influence depending on season
Kelland Honey
Excellent taste, so our customers say. Available at the door or, often, from local retailers
Kelvin Valley Honey
Kelvin Valley Honey
Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire
Our honey bee colonies are situated in both rural and urban settings providing a wide variety of differently flavoured,mostly Blossom honey. Because of their diverse locations from city centre roof tops to the wide open spaces of Scotland's highlands, islands, glens and loch sides each of our honey's have their own highly distinctive flavour from the subtle flavoured honeys peroduce by bees foraging in cirt centre parks and gardens to the more mature, stronger flavoured, darker hued rural honeys. We recently introduced a range of heather honeys produced by bees foraging throughout the Scottish borders regions of Dumfries and Galloway.
Lesley Green
Lesley Green
Forage- mixed diverse wildflower nectar sources from West Yorkshire. The honey is raw unheated, strained not micro filtered to preserve the pollen. Fabulous aroma and great taste.
Marie Langford
Woodthorpe Nottingham
The bees forage in my garden and the surrounding area which includes Woodthorpe Grange Park. The area is tree lined mainly with Lime trees.
Martin Hutchinson
Local honey
Martin Moore
A range of Honey taken in Spring and Autumn
Matt Aldridge
Matt Aldridge
My honey is generally mild in flavour and taken off the hives twice a year in jar spring and early autumn. The honey tastes different from each site and each time of year. The late spring honey is light in colour and taste and granulated easily coming from nectar mainly of oil seed rape. The later early autumn honey is from nectar gathered in the hedge rows and trees from the summer flowers. This is richer and darker in colour. My honey has also been used by West Berkshire Brewery to make a honey beer called Braggot.
Mel Mon. (Anglesey Honey)
Set and runny honey in 340g, 227g and 113g.
Mill Lane Therapy
Our bees collect the necter and produce our honey from surrounding farm crops and hedgerows
Putley, Nr Ledbury
Runny and set honey not processed or heated just straight from the hive!
N Holmes
N Holmes
I have spring honey on sale at this time, while mostly rape seed honey it has overtones of apple blosom as the hives are right by an orchard.
National Forest Honey
Award winning Honey from the National Forest Area
Cowes, Isle of Wight
Our honey varies with the seasons and locality and rages from light borage to stronger dark honeys.Free tasting in the shop.
Neil and Mel
Neil and Mel
Eastham, Wirral
Runny honey from local forage.
Neil Durose
Walton on Trent
Honey is kept separate from each Apiarry to maintain its local status. Derbyshire honey is from farmland, woodland and riverside. Early season harvest may have Oil Seed Rape aswell.
Nic Savage
Nic Savage
Ayot St Peter
My bees forage in the woods and fields around Ayot St Peter on a diverse range of flowers, from blackthorn and bluebell through to chestnut, field beans and blackberry.

The resultant honey is scrumptious.
Oliver St.John
Located in the South Downs National Park, Oliver's bees produce honey with a subtle floral flavour.
Pete Watt
Castle Donington
Blossom Cut comb honey.

My bees work over an area of farmland which includes OSR, Field beans and three villages so a very varied mix of flora.
Peter Hegedus
Acacia honeys are usually extremely light-coloured, lemonish white, and
very transparent,the aroma is floral, delicate, and not very persistent.The taste is sweet, very light and rounded, very straightforward, without
other overtones.White lime honey – is one of the best varieties. Aroma of ripe honey is very thin and exquisitely fragrant. Linden honey – it is one of the most valuable and best varieties of honey.The color is pale yellow to greenish.
Phil Khorassandjian: Workershoney
Phil Khorassandjian: Workershoney
Individual honeys from several apiaries in different parts of Sheffield and extending into Derbyshire
Philip Earle
Belfast, comber
Can be bought from Ivan McIlroy veg shop, bally hackamore, belfast.

Collected by Comber bees in County Down
Quantock Queen Elaine
Quantock Queen Elaine
My spring honey is naturally set (but not solid!) due to the rape grown around here and the hedgerows. The runny summer honey, which has a lovely amber colour and a stronger flavour than spring honey, is a mixture of flower and hedgerow. I have colonies in the garden and at various other locations including apple orchards. The Summer honey is the one I use for cut comb, delicious on warm toast. I have just started making beeswax candles and won first prize and a cup at a recent show.
Raymond Morris
Middleton, Manchester
Bees forage in local gardens and woodland
Renia Janas
Honey from parks and gardens, light and floral.
Richard Mackin
Taffs Well
A light, not too strong honey. Runny in the summer but if you manage to save it for more than a couple of months it will set. £5 1lb Jar, £3 1/2 lb jar. Bees Wax blocks available also - £1 1oz block.
robert”s honey
Rape, Field Bean , Mixed Flower
Roper’s Honey
Many types of local honey to choose from.
Roper’s Honey
Roper’s Honey
Honey from our bees which forage around the fields and hedgerows of Derbyshire.

The colour, taste, smell and texture of the honey, how fast it sets and how thick it sets all depend on which type of flowers the bees have collected nectar from.  Colours of honey: we've had burgundy red, amber, hint of green, pale yellow.

We produce: Summer honey, Lime Tree honey, Heather honey, Honey & Lemon and more.
Rosewarne Apiary
Rosewarne Apiary
West Cornwall
Our honey comes from our own apiary sites but at certain times when in short supply we sell honey from other local beekeepers.
Sandy Honeyman
Borage honey - a mild and delicately flavoured honey. Light and very clear. Then. I have a more intense flavoured honey sourced from many flower types.
Sandy Sutch
It all depends on what crops are growing but often we have delicious early honey from dandelion and rape
Sarah’s Patch
Sarah’s Patch
Fort William
I take honey from the bees in July for the Flower Honey and September for the Heather Honey.
Seven Kings Apiary
Seven Kings Apiary produces raw local honey from its honey bee colonies. We pride ourselves on producing the best honey possible by doing as little as possible to what the bees have already created.

We sell clear and soft set honey in 454g/1lb standard jars and 340g/12oz, 227g/8oz and 113.5g/4oz hexagonal jars and 42.5g/1.5oz jars, ideal as stocking fillers. We also have a small amount of cut comb honey.
Seven Kings Apiary
Seven Kings Apiary produces raw local honey from its honey bee colonies. We pride ourselves on producing the best honey possible by doing as little as possible to what the bees have already created.

We sell clear and soft set honey in 454g/1lb standard jars and 340g/12oz, 227g/8oz and 113.5g/4oz hexagonal jars and 42.5g/1.5oz jars, ideal as stocking fillers. We also have a small amount of cut comb honey.
Simon Boniface
Simon Boniface
Honey is all from an adjacent sea marsh and therefore bees and honey have not been exposed to harmful chemicals. Honey is a golden yellow colour, smooth taste great with fresh yogurt.
Sipa HoneyBees
Our honey comes from hives on the North Wessex Downs, many are on lovely wild flower meadows.
South Durham Honey
County Durham
we class all of our Honey as wild flower honey the bees work and forage a wide range of meadows field and woodland in county Durham
Staffordshire honey
A delicious blend of poly floral and tree honeys, Most years this will include clovers, dandelion, sycamore and blackberry.
Stella’s Honey
Stella’s Honey
Honey produced with the kind assistance of approx 250,000 honey bees who happily forage within a 3 mile radius from their hives. Each jar is packed with pure golden honey @ only £6 a jar.
Stephan Krueper
Newcastle under Lyme
multi floral honey of varying flavour
Stephen Brain
Stephen Brain
North Somerset
Local honey from apiaries near Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead and Yatton. Local forage is mainly top fruit blossom in spring with clover, bramble and rose bay willowherb also making up components.
Steve Chadbond
Newall Green, Manchester
Runny & Creamed(set) honey foraged around the south manchester area.
Steve Hasker
Steve Hasker
Steve has Hives on a variety of sites in the area, including Farms, Local Gardens, and Allotments. This mixture of Flora helps produce a steady and healthy flow of Honey each with its own unique taste.

Honey is made by bees from the nectar they collect from flowers. Each colony of Bees producing its own unique blend. It is a natural sweetener and can be used just as it is to spread on bread or toast, or added to sweet and savoury dishes, or drinks.

The flavour, colour and consistency and fragrance vary, depending on the flowers the nectar is collected from.

To get the best results when using to alleviate Hayfever syptoms try taking a teaspoonfull of Local Honey daily throughout the year
Steve Hunt
Local show winning honey with various flavours as my bees forage both fields and gardens in the Aldridge area of Walsall.
The honey produced by our bees is pure and natural, created from the local flora and fauna surrounding our hives. We currently have three apiaries all within 5 miles of our home so we can truly say that it is local honey.
Sweet Jenny’s Honey – Hayden
Surrey Hills
T A Devlin
T A Devlin
The purest of honey available straight from the bees and all produced locally.
The Bee Team | Devon Honey
The Bee Team | Devon Honey
We don’t sell our honey through the website as we can’t produce enough for local demand but when it is available it can be purchased from our stall at South Molton Market, Craft Fairs, local Shows or from the house, by arrangement.
The British Beeman
The British Beeman
Corsock, Castle Douglas
The sweet taste of Scottish Honey we also supply bees and training courses, Honey & Beeswax products e.g beeswax furniture polish ,Candles.
The Honey B Company
The Honey B Company
We have Wildflower and Heather honey available from family run hives.
The Honey Store
Our Bees forage from a good variation of flora within a 3 mile radius of the Darras Hall and Ponteland area!
The Kingfield BeeKeeper
The Kingfield BeeKeeper
Our bees forage on t Lime trees, sweet Chestnut, Heather, to name a few.
Tingley Bees
Tingley, Wakefield
I produce an early spring hard set rape honey and a summer varied mix of wildflower. My honey sells fast so please get your orders in quickly to avoid disappointment. All my honey id course filtered to maintain the beneficial pollen content. Has helped many hay fever sufferers.
Titchwincle Honey
We produce Local Raw Honey harvested by our bees within 5 miles of the tranquil villages of Titchmarsh and Aldwincle
Two Mile Ash Farm
Milton Keynes
The honey is produced on Two Mile Ash Farm and other neighbouring farms near Milton Keynes. Beyond its obvious uses, local honey is also widely recognised for having medicinal properties. It is thought that locally produced honey helps relieve the symptoms of hay fever.
Whytes Honey
Whytes Honey
A light coloured smooth floral tasting honey, It's Beelicious
Wiltshire Bees
The honey is from mixed flowers and is golden in colour
Winner of the Soft set and Supreme Champion awards at Countryside Live 2013

The UK Local Honey Directory

If you are a UK beekeeper producing honey and other hive products, please feel free to add your details. Please note: These listings are only for people and companies who produce and sell their own local honey, any other submissions will be deleted. If in doubt about anything please contact me.

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local honey

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