Beaulieu Agate Honey
Beaulieu, The New Forest

I keep bees as a hobby and therefore I do not have a huge supply of honey but what I do have is the most beautiful golden nectar taken straight from the hive into the jar, therefore very pure and perfectly delicious.

Cut Comb

My honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered. That means the honey is only strained to remove any bits of honey comb wax, so it still contains the original pollen. I do not heat the honey like commercial honey producers may do to break down the sugar crystals.

Dr Tobias F Capell

I have several hives in my garden, so the honey is mainly garden flower honey. It is delicate, beautifully light and floral.


The honey is strained to remove any bits of honeycomb wax, still containing the original pollen. Beautiful pure golden nectar sourced from local flowers.


My hives are situated in urban areas and the honey is mainly from flowers and local trees.

Knightwood Honey
Chandlers Ford

The bees live in a woodland apiary. The honey is mostly from blackberry and clover which were both flowering on their doorstep. The honey is a clear golden colour.