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Where to Buy Local Honey

If you have been wondering where to buy local honey, the directory of local honey suppliers is the answer. Just navigate by county to find a local producer, or you can use the search field below. The listings include contact details for each beekeeper as prices will queen bee eating honeyvary from supplier to supplier. Please consider that many small scale beekeepers (which accounts for the vast majority of us) will have limited amounts of honey available and supplies can run out quickly. For guidance on adding your details click here.


Box House Beekeeping
Box House Beekeeping
East Bergholt

I normally take 3 crops a year, the spring honey is a light creamed honey mostly drawn from my hives at a fruit farm. The summer honey (liquid or creamed) has a rich flavour with the bees drawn to chestnut, blackberry and lime. The late season honey when available is a darker strong honey.

Ferguson Honey
Ferguson Honey

I get two honey crops per year. The first is a light coloured, smooth and spreadable set honey, harvested in early June and comprising almost exclusively oilseed rape. It is a delicious mild honey, loved by customers and too often looked down on by beekeepers.
The second summer crop is usually a darker rich honey comprised of a wide variety of wildflower and tree and hedgerow nectars. This honey varies from year to year and site to site but is always delectable. I produce both creamed and liquid honey form this summer crop – the true taste of the Suffolk countryside.

Mill Lane Suffolk Honey
Mill Lane Suffolk Honey
Thurston, Suffolk

Honey varies depdending on the time of year and flowers visited by our honeybees.

Sandy Sutch

It all depends on what crops are growing but often we have delicious early honey from dandelion and rape

Stephens beekeepers
Stephens beekeepers

We usually produce two honey crops. Our spring harvest in June is mainly from oilseed rape flowers plus early hedgerow blossom, and has a delicate floral taste. Our summer harvest honey comes from many garden and local sources such as lavender, lime and blackberry. It has a rich, fruity flavour which varies from year to year.

The UK Local Honey Directory

If you are a UK beekeeper producing honey and other hive products, please feel free to add your details. Please note: These listings are only for people and companies who produce and sell their own local honey, any other submissions will be deleted. If in doubt about anything please contact me.

If I’ve inadvertently missed any regions out, please let me know through the contact form, I will add it and then let you know that it’s been updated.

local honey

The people and companies listed in the UK Honey Directory all sell their produce direct or through their own market stalls, local farm shops, village shops etc, I have no control over the pricing and you will likely find that prices vary from area to area.

On a final note, please don’t email me regarding suppliers, contact the suppliers directly through the contact form or phone numbers provided.